A revolutionary neck support for all salon shampoo basins - Basin Bliss

A revolutionary neck support for all salon shampoo basins

Our idea starts with a question... Does the salon shampoo basin cause you discomfort or pain while your having your hair washed? It is amazing how many people find salon wash basins uncomfortable.  Some basins have pillows attached, padding, or  placed towels but they still are awkward.... it's a tricky angle for your head and neck to start with. We felt there had to be a realistic solution for this problem.

We have come out with Basin Bliss. Basin Bliss is a cylinder neck pillow made for all styles/types of salon shampoo basins. Basin Bliss is as easy to use as an everyday scarf and nearly as light. Just wrap Basin Bliss around the back of your neck using the ends to maneuver it. You can even tie it around your neck while leaning back on the shampoo sink. Basin Bliss is an independent pillow that you place yourself wherever you need it. 

All Basin Bliss' come with; one neck cushion with fabric sleeves, waterproof slide on cover and soft vinyl carry case $32.95/retail

Basin Bliss has been tested by everyday salon clients and it works. If the salon wash basins bother your neck this is the product for you. Too simple to pass up!



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