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Neck Rest Cushion for all salon sinks, bowls and basins. Total pain relief. Easy to use. For Children and Adults. Hypoallergenic. Water Resistant Foam Cylinder Cushion made in the USA. Water proof cover. Can be used for individual or multiple customers. Place cushion behind your neck and base of skull. Hold and maneuver with side sleeves for positioning and comfort. Cylinder cushion will collapse and conform to your neck and head when you lean back onto the sink, bowl or basin. After use remove cover, rinse and wring out product. Toss in dryer. Fabric side sleeves should not be removed. Purchase includes; one Basin Bliss Neck Cushion with Organic Bamboo French Terry sleeve, camo green waterproof cover, soft vinyl carry case, full instructions for use. Enjoy!! Product dimensions; 10" length x 3" diameter cylinder, fabric sleeve approx 52" total Product will get dye on it. Foam cushion may turn colors.
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