Follow Your Dreams... They May Become Your Reality

As a child I hated having my hair washed at the salon. It was uncomfortable and it stressed me out. I used to think that there should be something that could make the neck rest area more comfortable. Its funny to me now but I felt that maybe someday I would design something for it.

As an adult the salon experience has become more of an issue for me since being in an auto accident 8 years ago where my neck incurred two fairly major injuries. I have two bulging disks which have made hair washing at the salon unbearable. I can't relax to save my life because of my injury. I wring my hands in my lap like I am at the dentist. Its awful!

Basin Bliss has been on the design block for 5 years. Through trial and error and many testers we have come up with a fully functional, easy to use neck support.  The cylinder foam cushion is hypoallergenic and water resistant. When you place it behind your head/neck and lean onto the salon sink the cushion literally conforms to your individual shape and protects you from discomfort allowing you to enjoy the hair washing experience. The side textured sleeves give you control over where you place the cushion and also gives the user something to hold onto while having your hair washed. When washing is completed wring out the Basin Bliss and toss into the dryer. If any dyes or shampoo, etc get on the Basin Bliss rinse with water and then dry. You do not have to dismantle it for drying purposes. 

Our new Basin Bliss is Simply Perfect!