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Basin Bliss

Hair Spa Neck Rest Pillow Salon Shampoo Bowl Gripper Soft Supreme Foam + Sponge Neck Rest Cushion

Hair Spa Neck Rest Pillow Salon Shampoo Bowl Gripper Soft Supreme Foam + Sponge Neck Rest Cushion

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This Hair Spa Neck Rest Pillow is an ergonomically designed neck cushion that provides optimal neck support while in a shampoo bowl or sink. Crafted with Supreme Foam and Sponge for durable comfort, it's a great addition to any salon.

Enhance your hair salon experience with Basin Bliss Hair Salon Neck Rest Cushion

Basin Bliss Hair Salon Neck Rest provides a soft, conforming cushion between your neck/head and the lip/edge of the shampoo bowl, basin or sink for complete comfort and support.

Reduces pressure, stress, and fatigue on the back of the neck/head during shampooing/rinsing.

Universal design/One size fits all. Made in the USA.

Hypoallergenic, Antibacterial and Waterproof. Completely durable and flexible.

Individual or Multi Client Uses.

Each purchase comes with a waterproof soft vinyl carry case and full directions.

Easy to use. Place cushion behind your neck/base of skull. Hold/maneuver with fabric side sleeves for positioning and comfort. The cushion can be placed anywhere, in front, behind or on top of the sink edge. Simply tie around your neck like a travel pillow/scarf or hold side sleeves with your hands and RELAX. Side sleeves are great to hold onto during hair washing for people who experience sensory issues. 

Care directions. After use remove slide off waterproof cover, wash (if necessary), rinse and wring out product. Toss in dryer on lowest setting or air dry completely prior to storage. Fabric sleeve and secure netting should not be removed.

Item may become stained with dyes or bleach.

If you need any assistance with your purchase, please email us!

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